An Alpha Kappa Alpha 'Legacy' Member is one who is the daughter, grand daughter, adopted daughter, stepdaughter or legal ward* of an active or deceased member.

    Alpha Kappha Alpha Sorority defines a legal ward as one in which an appropriate court of law legally places permanent care, control, and custody with a member of the Sorority; court documentation will be requested. 


    resource: www.aka1908.com


    The pictures below are of the Legacy Members in the Chi Zeta Omega Chapter.

  • ATT_1417362030921_Crump_Legacy_Trio.JPG FullSizeRender1.jpg IMG_127580386829268.jpeg LisaWash1.png PhotoGrid_1389088283450.jpg TaylorLegacy.jpg image.jpg soror_tamme_legacy.png Odom_Legacy.jpg 3001_1165957908799_5655517_n.jpg